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Whether you’re launching a new development or making some improvements in and around your home, BC Custom Construction is ready to build!



Improve your home with our beautiful remodeling works. From basic upgrades to high-end makeovers, we’re here to meet your specific needs.



From colorful effects to decorative stamping, BC Custom Construction creates paving and masonry works with style and durability.



Reduce roof maintenance issues and make your home look brand new with re-roofing done by our experienced team at BC Custom Construction.



We budget and design home electrical installations from concept to construction. We also diagnose and repair existing electrical systems.



We provide  plumbing layouts for new projects as well as repair services to ensure your plumbing system stays in tip top shape. 



BC Custom Construction teams up with only the best pest control companies in Oregon to provide pest proofing and pest control services for both brand new projects and renovations to protect the structural integrity of your home. It is our mission to build homes that last, so we exhaust all measures to provide clients with pest-free homes through the years.

Pest proofing begins with a thorough inspection of the construction site for the presence of any existing pests that could eventually find their way into a structure. It is our standard practice to deal with pests prior to any construction work. When detected, we work hand in hand with pest exterminators to eliminate these potential threats.

But the process does not stop there. We also assess overall structural plans and provide recommendations for effective pest proofing measures. Throughout every step of the construction process, we make sure we seal off all entry points and potential areas where pests can find their way indoors.

Pest control and pest proofing have become an integral part of the services we offer at BC Custom Construction. Here in the US, the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) reports that common pests like termites, ants and rodents cause property damage amounting to over USD$5 billion each year. These pests feed on construction materials such as ceiling joists, support beams and even metal sidings, so they can become a huge problem if left unaddressed at the start of any construction and renovation project.

Supervising the construction of a home or building is itself a daunting process. A lot of factors have to be taken into account—structural plans, zoning laws, construction permits, and materials procurement, to name a few. The probability of a pest problem will only make matters worse, which is why we at BC Custom Construction make it a point to tackle any pest issue before every project kicks off.



Turn your lackluster outdoors into an alluring exterior space with a wide array of features that will have you enjoying your property more than ever.



Get comprehensive demolition services and clean up if you need to clear a property of old structures for your new construction project.


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At BC Custom Construction, we build, repair and renovate custom Oregon homes with the highest level of quality, value and service. We have helped homeowners throughout the greater Portland, Oregon region truly achieve the homes of their dreams.

Whether you are planning to build a new home or looking for a single room upgrade or a whole-house makeover, we’ll work with you to create amazing designs and quality improvements that match your lifestyle. We are ready to surprise you with custom plans, great value, and an amazing custom experience!