BC Custom Construction delivers a wide range of services whether you’re building a brand new home, renovating a particular space or needing a few upgrades and repairs. 

  • Concept & Design
  • Clearing & Excavation
  • Trenching
  • Foundation Works
  • Structural Framing
  • Paver Installation
  • Landscaping
  • Remodeling
  • Demolition
  • Emergency Repairs
New Developments

Home Construction


Concept Planning

From the very first stage of construction, we work with you to create a concept, followed by the design and blueprints. We ensure that everything is up-to-code and your home design will be structurally sound and stable.


Permits Processing

We will assist you with obtaining building permits, which is an ongoing process throughout the construction project. Working with an experienced construction firm ensures this process run smoothly and on time.


Project Execution

A lot of people say building a new home can make or break you. From clearing and excavation to completing the interiors and finishing touches, we assure you get the peace of mind you need to build the home of your dreams.


Seamless Turnover

When working with a reliable and experienced construction firm like BC Custom Construction, you can rest assured that your project will adhere to the agreed general timeline and be completed in a timely fashion. 

Existing Structures

Renovations & Repairs



At BC Custom Construction, we conduct thorough inspections for every repair or renovation to ensure we address existing issues and deliver the results you expect. Total customer satisfaction for every job, big or small!



Defining expectations is crucial to how customers feel about a newly renovated space or completed repair. Before carrying out any job, we submit a comprehensive plan so clients are kept in the loop about every single detail involved.



We understand that clients want a rough idea early on as to how much repairs or renovations will cost. BC Custom Construction will come up with a ballpark figure so you can decide how much to spend on improving your home.



BC Custom Construction will ensure every repair or renovation translates to a satisfying upgrade of your existing space or facility. We guarantee that every detail of a project will be completed to your expectations and standards.

Our Work

Our Recent Projects

street of dreams home

Street of Dreams

This visionary home by BCCC is truly one-of-a-kind. Designed to take advantage of breathtaking Mt. Hood and Happy Valley Views from every window – no expense was spared in creating this timeless masterpiece.

kitchen remodeling

Whole Kitchen Makeover

Neutral colors and metallic accents blend traditional and industrial aspects in this kitchen makeover. While the design is prominently modern and sleek, it embodies a subtle elegance that will never go out of style.